Teosyal Kiss

  • usp

Allows mobility of the lips, with excellent hydrating and elasticity properties, due to its high cohesivity. A product assured with enhanced safety, tolerability and long-lasting results in lip augmentation. An effective lip volumizer and smooth gel, soft to touch.

  • Safe

Bio-compatible + Biodegradable filler, made with, hyaluronic acid (HA)


Teosyal Kiss range shows long-lasting effects typically 12 months.

  • Volume + HA%

Teosyal Kiss, Lip filler boasts one of the highest percentages of H.A. at 25 mg per 1 ml.

Suitable for: Volume + Glam styles.

  • Comfort

Teosyal has a 27 gauge needle, allowing easy injecting of the H.A. gel filler.

  • Cost

Teosyal Kiss – Costs £225 for 1 ml.