“Subtle! Barely There! So natural looking, they’ll be left wondering, Has he or hasn’t he?”

Natural – Looking lip fillers adhere to the golden ratio rule,  1/3 volume in the top lip and 2/3 in the bottom lip. A subtle, yet flattering, more sultry appearance”

Natural lip filler enhancement, is a style particularly suited to men concerned about, how lip fillers can impact their masculine or professional image. This style is simply an option for restoring optimum lip volume without much augmentation. In simple terms its replacing a little of the fat that has either, been lost overtime, or a genetic trait. Without looking like you have had lips fillers. We add volume within the lip body, enhancing  the thickness  without changing your natural lip structure. The results will be flattering, yet subtle results. 

Many men have naturally thin or small lips, whilst others may have lost volume and definition, as seen when lips gradually thin and flatten with ageing. Thinning lips can also be accelerated by certain lifestyle habits such as smoking, weight loss, excessive exersice and stress- natural lip enhancement is the best solution to restore lost volume within the lip body.

We recommend using 1 ml of filler to achieve this lip enhancement effect. The options can include – Upper Lip and Lower lip, or the Cupid’s bow, and lip borders, 1 ml of  filler would normally be injected into the lip-body of both lips. Alternatively, we could place the main volume into the bottom lip, with a little along the inner border of the top lip to improve the structure.

We take precautions to prevent swelling and bruising, however, there is a risk of slight swelling and bruising after any aesthetic procedure.