“Lip Volume  lip enhancement, augments lips using a ratio of 1/3 volume in the top lip and 2/3 in the bottom lip.”

The desire to increase lip volume is our most popular service, requested by clients who want fuller lips overall. This option is to increase the top and bottom lip volume. The distribution of the filler normally is placed in harmony with your natural lip shape.

Our approach is to prevent the ‘Sausage’ Or ‘Duck’ like appearance, many first-time clients ask “Will I have this after effect?”  The answer is fortunately not, because we design lip fillers around your natural shape, adding volume within the lip body, enhancing  the size without changing the natural lip balance.

If you have naturally thin or small lips or have lost volume as seen when lips gradually thin and flatten as an undesired effect of aging, it is accelerated by behaviours smoking. Lip volume fillers are the  best choice for you.

If your lips are thinner than you would like, lip fillers  restore volume for lips that have thinned over time and lost their shape. 1ml of filler is the common amount for enhancing volume in the lip body in the Upper Lip and Lower lip.

However, lip design can be done around the – Cupid’s bow and the vermillion border (lip borders) also, this option would require an additional 0.5ml of lip filler.

We take precautions to prevent swelling and bruising, however, there is a risk of slight swelling and bruising after any aesthetic procedure.