“#Impact is a maximum volume lip augmentation with a ratio of 40% volume in the top lip and 60% in the bottom lip.”

#Impact is a male lip style for achieving ultimate lip volume, without having to lose your masculine or natural looking lips. This is a style for men looking to achieve a complete lip redesign, by using 1.5 ml of filler we can place 0.6 ml in the top lip and 0.9 ml in the bottom lips. The additional quantity of lip filler used overall compared to a typical classic lip fillers, allows for border enhancement and contouring. This is an ideal option if your seeking volume in the top and bottom lips, and a increased lip definition around the lip line.

Our approach is to design the ultimate lip enhancement  by initially adding a base to the lips using 1 ml of lip filler, and then using an additional 0.5 to 1 ml into the bottom lip, the lip border  and at times a little filler is required along the smile lines or lip commissure (inferior corners of the bottom lip)

We use normally 1.5  of hyaluronic acid, a popular choice for an achieving #Homme – The ultimate male  lip volume transformation. Treatments are approved following a full aesthetic treatment consultation, with a creative chat in advance.

All clients are offered a follow-up appointment post treatment, normally clients come in after 1-2 weeks, for a results assessment and clinical massage of the treated area.

Lip design can be done around the – Upper Lip, Lower lip, Cupid’s bow, Mouth corners. The #Impact (volume + lip border) option men, whose goal is to achieve the ultimate lip volume and simultaneously, an accentuated lip border and profile lift.

If you have long dreamed of full, attractive, and sensual looking lips, that make a statement, or you have lost volume + definition as an undesired effect of ageing – full volume  lip fillers are a perfect option for you.

We take precautions to prevent swelling and bruising, however, there is a risk of slight swelling and bruising after any aesthetic procedure.