“Homme  lip filler style, builds the bottom lip placing the majority of  the filler into the bottom Lip/

The #Homme lip style is a popular male lip service, requested by clients who want fuller lips maintaining a masculine vibe and image. This option is to increase the bottom lip volume. The distribution of the filler  is across the bottom lip, to thicken the pink area. The fullest volume will be placed within the middle of the bottom lip.

The goal of this style, is to prevent a feminine appearance , many first-time clients ask “Will people be able to notice, I had lip fillers?”  Others will not be able to easily detect you have had fillers, because we do not change the upper lip, only thicken the bottom lip. Additionally we design the male lip filler procedure  around your natural lip shape, adding volume within the lip body (pink zone), enhancing  the size without making the lips appear natural.

If you have naturally thin or small lips or have lost volume as seen when lips gradually thin and flatten as an undesired effect of ageing, it is accelerated by behaviours smoking. #Homme lip fillers give a fresh, revitalised and a more youthful appearance.

During the #Homme male lip procedure 1ml of  hyaluronic acid, a material natually found within the body, is injected into the lip body of the Lower lip.

We take precautions to prevent swelling and bruising, however, there is a risk of slight swelling and bruising after any aesthetic procedure.