Glam Lip Fillers


“GLAMOROUS  lip enhancement, lip augmentation with a ratio of 1/3 volume in the top lip and 2/3 in the bottom lip.”

Volume lips are our most popular service in high demand lip style, requested by  many clients who come to us for lip fillers in london, are increased volume .

Our approach is to design the ultimate lip enhancement  by initially adding a base to the lips using 1 ml of lip filler, and then using an additional 0.5 to 1 ml into the bottom lip, the lip border, cupids bow and at times a little filler is required along the smile lines or lip commissure (inferior corners of the lips )

1.5 to 2 ml of hyaluronic acid are a popular choice for achieving a glamorous lip transformation. This option can only be approved following a full aesthetic treatment consultation.

When performing the procedure, we prefer not inject more than 1.5 ml in one session and so with a 2 ml option, the remainder is added during your 1-2 week follow-up appointment.

The volume and border contouring option helps clients whose goal is to achieve increased lip volume and simultaneously, an accentuated lip border and profile lift.

If you have long dreamed of full, sultry and pouty lips, that make a statement or have lost volume and definition as an undesired effect of ageing. glamorous lip fillers are an option for you.

If your lips are thinner than you would like, lip fillers  restore volume for lips that have thinned over time and lost their shape. Lip design can be done around the – Upper Lip, Lower lip, Cupid’s bow, Mouth corners. We take precautions to prevent swelling and bruising, however, there is a risk of slight swelling and bruising after any aesthetic procedure.