“The #Classic, Lip style using a ratio of 1/3 volume in the top lip and 2/3 in the bottom lip.”

The desire for increased male lip volume,  is becoming increasingly more common. The #Classic male lip fillers are our most popular male aesthetic treatment. Requested by men who want thicker lips overall. This option is to increase the top and bottom lip volume. The lip filler is distributed throughout the top and bottom of the lips. The end result is greater volume and thicker looking lips,  without changing your natural shape or appearing overdone.

The procedure is a distribution from 1 ml syringe of filler, with 1/3 placed in the top lip, and 2/3 placed within the bottom lip.  The only area of the lips that will change is within the pink lip body, which will be fuller or appearing to have more fat cushioning.  The lip shape, border and overall contour does not change.

If you have naturally thin or small lips or have lost volume as seen when lips gradually thin and flatten as an undesired effect of ageing, commonly accelerated by lifestyle behaviours such as excessive exercise, stress or smoking. #Classic – Male lip volume fillers an excellent solution for you.

 Our aim is to prevent swelling and bruising, however, there is a risk of slight swelling and bruising after any aesthetic procedure.