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Belotero is manufactured using a special technique implementing Cohesive Polydensified Matrix (CPM) technology. Giving unique elasticity, compatibility and tissue integration, compared to other fillers. Multiple particle sizes within its unique formulation give the filler excellent cohesion.

  • Safe

Bio-compatible + Biodegradable filler, made with, hyaluronic acid (HA)


Belotero® range shows long-lasting effects typically 12 months.

  • Volume + HA%

Belotero has 22.5 mg of Hyaluronic acid per 1 mL.

Suitable for: Natural + Volume styles.

  • Comfort

Belotero- includes lidocaine + a 27  gauge needle for increased comfort.

  • Cost

Belotero – lip treatments cost £250 per 1ml.

“Showing off - an enhanced version of you.

Belotero® Lips Shape is – intended for lip augmentation and enhancing the upper and lower lip.

Belotero® Lips Contour is designed to define the outline of the lip.

Belotero® Balance is also popular for lip volume, enhancing the upper and lower lips.